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Mystery On Dog Island
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Mystery On Dog Island
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Mystery On Dog Island
     An exciting book and series for all ages.  (Pre-teen)
Return To Dog Island  
     Released November 23, 2007  (Teen)
North of Dog Island
    Released December, 2009  (Young Adult)

Aaron A. Lehman, Sale and Signing of Mystery on Dog Island at Chapters in St Albert on Aug. 28, 2005

Release and signing of Return To Dog Island, Slave lake, November 23, 2007

Sale and signing of Mystery, Retun and North at Sobeys Christmas 2009

Mystery On Dog Island chosen for movie

Dog Island from Devonshire Beach on Lesser Slave Lake

Would you know how to survive a blizzard on a frozen island in the middle of a large lake? Add to this a crashed snowmobile and a step brother with a broken leg. This is just one of the dilemmas facing fourteen year old Raymond. No one will come looking for them because Raymond told his parents they were going to the Wilderness Camp on the south shore of the Lake. Going to Dog Island was a forbidden detour to look for his Aboriginal grandfather, who went missing on the island. Will Raymond go missing like his grandfather?

The Mysterious Dog Island

The story involves Raymond, an Aboriginal boy, torn between two cultures, humorous anecdotes from a blended white and Aboriginal family situation, a snowmobile camping trip that ends in a serious crash, winter survival, and a mysterious dog sled ride with a team of phantom huskies.


                                                    Sample of Writing

Now, hurtling completely out of control, the snowmobile hit a second, gigantic, ice ridge with a loud, shattering explosion, sending pieces of ice and machine in every direction, while catapulting its riders through the air like rag dolls in a tornado.

About the Author

Aaron Lehman, retired from teaching thirty years in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada, is still involved in education as a leader and guide for local field trips and interpretive tours. His hobbies involve birding, hiking, cross-country skiing and writing about natural and human history of the Slave Lake area. As a teacher of Biology and Environmental Science, Aaron conducted many field excursions with students, including winter trips. This experience, as well as his experience with Aboriginal students, provided the background for this book. Advice and encouragement from former students and colleagues was greatly appreciated. Aaron and Winifred have three adult children and five grandchildren.


Release and signing was
at CJ Schurter Park, Slave Lake,
after the parade on July 1st, 2005.  Look for other sales and signings.
For more info. call 780-849-3574

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